Zippy Bedrooms Want Your Attention.

In regard to the incredible bedroom Mary McDonald's said, "People have rules about bedrooms, that they're always supposed to be soft and pastel. Why can't they be zippy and vibrant?" I thought to myself, "You know Mary McDonald, you really have a point there." Here are some zip-tastic bedrooms.


Vibrant yellow and busy wallpaper everywhere, I've always loved looking at this bedroom.

In this somewhat simple bedroom by Sheila Bridges, she uses a bright green to jazz up the room. The contrast of the black, white and green makes this room quite exciting.

This color blue is gorgeous! Especially the bold color wall with the busy bedspread. I bet that allows you to use more than one duvet cover and change the room if you so desire.

Leave it to Jamie Drake to deliver a bright bedroom. Pinks and purples are everywhere you look.

Sixx Design. The bare bones of this room are quite tame, but with the drapery fabric and upholstered bed and the large scale color filled painting over the bed you are not bored.

At first glance, these rooms do nothing but delight me. There is so much to look at and bright colors to distract me. Personally though, I prefer a calmer color palette in my own bedroom. I have blue/grey walls and a simple white matelasse bedspread. There is still plenty to look at: books, pretty lamps, photographs and art work on my walls. I think Mary McDonald makes a valid point. We see so many whimsical and calming bedrooms, why not have an energetic and jazzy one? It certainly stands out. 

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