The combination of Black-White, Shown Elegant and Comfortable.

For those of you who want an impression of elegance comes into the midst ofpersonal space, you can try the game by applying the color combination of black andwhite. Apart from giving the impression of luxury, the bedroom will also be acomfortable place.

inspiring bedrooms design black and white bedrooms

Black is the color that has a strong character and confidence, or elegant. While white is a neutral color that impression calm and reassuring. So when the two colors are combined to decorate the bedroom, it will create a cozy atmosphere as well as look elegant.

inspiring bedrooms design black and white bedrooms

If you are interested to try it in the bedroom, make sure the proper proportion of the use of color to make it look balanced. We recommend that you select the color white to serve as the base color because if you choose the color black, the room will look dark and scary impressed. The white color you can apply to the entire area of ​​the walls and ceiling including sills, windows, or doors.

While black is more fitting applied to the furniture because it can give the impression of a room that looks luxurious. Presents for instance black on a bed, table, chairs, cabinets, and storage. The use of black color is also able to make an impression bedroom look more firm and warm.

If you want to feel the warmth increasingly felt, you can use brown color in accessories such as bed sheets, lampshades, or else to the floor element. Make sure your choose furniture is simple so the room can be looks modern.

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