Brown Color Character In Apartment With 2 Bedrooms

Brown color character to be the theme of the interior design of this two-bedroom apartment. Brown is able to bring warm and cozy atmosphere. The combination of brown color with a cream color harmonized with bright colors as a vocal point, presenting a lovely creations. If you like natural color, blend brown characters in this apartment can be an inspiration.

Brown color character apartment main bedrooms

Main Bedrooms
Apply the color beige interior rooms, which makes this contest room appear cozy, luxurious, and elegant. In addition to the left and right head bed, placed a small table lamp sweetened sleep. To be more relaxed, a long sofa with 2 pieces of cream-colored cushion is placed beside the bed near the large window.

Brown color character apartment bedrooms

Second Bedroom
Colorful bed covers are brightly striped provides softness and warmth of the room. A living room atmosphere. On the left and right there are two small tables on which are placed two lights and there are two statues of chess and two statues of ducks as room accessories.

The other room picture on this apartment :

Brown color character apartment kitchen design
Brown color character apartment family room design

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