Black And Green Bedrooms

Who said black color can not appear fresh when applied to design the bedroom? By integrating with green color, the black color can create a room atmosphere more refreshing and certainly can make your rest become more peaceful.

I think everyone want a private room that have impression of a soothing and comforting. Usually the colors are chosen to design the bedroom is the color that is able to bring the atmosphere of tranquility as blue, purple, or white. However, for those who love the color black, there's nothing wrong if you try to apply a black color in the bedroom.

You do not have to worry about the room will seem stiff and dark, because you can combine the black color with others color like green for example. The presence of green color is able to make the room look fresh at the same time peaceful. Black is a dark and frightening impression can be muted.

Shades of green can you choose as a color for the base color on the wall. We recommend using a type of light green color so the fresh impression can radiates stronger enough and the rooms still look bright. The green color you can apply for the floor or in the main room furniture is by combine it with the color black for example, use a bed of black color and then combine it with a cloth cover / sheets and pillows green. Its presence can bedrooms look nice.

As for other furniture such as cabinets, tables, and chairs, will look elegant with black color. Black is also capable of emitting a warm comfortable feel in your bedroom. For accessories vase lamp shades or green you should select a green color to make your room look cool and make you more relaxed so it can support a higher quality of rest.

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