Tips And Ideas : How To Decorate My Bedroom .


Here is a few tips and ideas to help you make a best deal for your room style decorating,  no matter with or without much money.

Write down in a paper all of your wishes and anything you really like, as well everything you are able to consider that problems you from bedrooms that you've chosen before or today. Open up your mind to fresh options; keep in mind hotel rooms, looks at illustrations on Internet or magazines. Leave the list and finished it any time new ideas run into you..
- Do you think in incorporating other activities as study, office, gym, etc?
- Analyze the equipments that you want to incorporate to include the corresponding facilities.
- How do you want to achieve the privacy? Think about the relation with the exterior and the relation with other family members such as children.
- Will the closet be incorporated into the room? Will it be in a new room or a lateral placard? Do not forget to analyze the placement of mirrors and possible views to them.
- There are bedrooms which wash basins form part of the adjacent place near to the bath access. Think about this possibility.
Which bed size you are going to choose:

King w=1,98m l=2,00m
Queen w=1,50m l=2,00m
Double w=1,37m l=1,90m
Twin w=1,00m l=1,90m
Single w=0,80m l=1,90m
Functional cradle w=0,80m l=1,90m

- No matter the style, something that cannot be absent is a very good lighting for reading, storage spaces near the head-board and a treatment of windows lightning that could provide you a darkness and rest environment.

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