Decoration Styles Decorating Trends Types Of Bedrooms And Interior Design

 Have a look at describe the design and decoration trends and also styles. They're not only used for bedrooms decorating yet furthermore for home decoration and interior design generally. In this post, they'll be lightly described each one, however I am going to commit a wonderful post for every style of decoration.

One category that might be completed could be by trends in furniture design. From renaissance to the pop art, all things have a location. Fashion is irregular and looks all things have also been currently conceived. For that reason, the come back of the 80’s is on the agenda. One of the most common trends include the following:

minimalist-style-decorationThe minimalist style is the current style by right. It is based on the sleek of furniture design, while commitment to basic geometric shapes and neutral colors. All for purpose of creating quiet and uniform environments and transmit well.

Minimalism arises from the necessity of renovation of the ornate style typical of 80. Environments are denuded of unnecessary objects, so they are ambient that bring tranquility and peace. They have innovative geometries. Minimalism plays a lot with lighting to achieve the desired harmony. As for the colors used, it opts for the white, raw, roasted, in contrast to the black. Leaves aside the floral and embroidered fabrics.The furniture is made with hardwoods such as beech, pear or cherry.

Minimalist decoration also focuses on curtains usually made in natural fabrics and bets on Roman models or roller.In short, a style that invites you to live in quiet environments, sedate and simple in which furniture is the main character.


Noble woods most important in this style, however with very little treatment.
The usage of wood is utilized to all household items, from the most important furniture to walls and floors.
For add-ons, it generally chooses for rough fabrics like sack or linen and constantly applied colors in neutral tones and beiges.
Furniture finishes are often solid and very sturdy letting sophistication and straight lines aside.


bedrooms-classic-style-decorationClassic decoration trend bets for dominating environments, warm and inviting colors. 
They are usually overloaded with highly processed items that are based on strong colors such as red, green bottle or brown. 
Regarding prints, predominate in stripes, floral and fruit.
The furniture is composed of woods among walnut and oak.


bedrooms-loft-style-decorationLoft style arises from the need of creating large open spaces and often uses industrial buildings without pillars to create large spaces. 

Its composition includes materials such as metal, plastic and rubber. It is a style that although it shows tranquility, it doesn’t lose straight lines and elegance.

Loft decoration tries to maximize the space and removes all elements that limit space as pillars or walls. The empty space is the most important.


There is no doubt pop art is one of the most striking and bold styles of the moment, combining bright colors such as green apple, bubblegum pink or electric blue and garish elements. 

The textures used to emphasize the style and make mixes are paper, glass, plastic, leather and especially synthetic elements.

Among furniture that comprises pop art are outlandish items such as lava lamps, geometric shapes furniture and sofas covered with haired cushions and crystal curtains.


Everything that surrounds oriental style is enveloped by a smell of serenity, calm, balance and beauty. All component elements such as colors, objects, murals and ornaments refer to this kind of wisdom. Generally tend toward the combination of textures such as stone, wood or paper in contrast with water fountains, candles and incense. All without ever neglecting the presence of nature that is established through the stones, water and flowers.

Within this trend, it is also highlighted the decoration based on African cultures. The use of African motifs is part of a worldwide trend in decoration that represents a revaluation of ethnic style. Room accessories, decorative figures of wild animals or furniture covered in fur. It surprises some while intrigues others.
It’s often highlighted colors such as earths, reds, browns and yellows; natural fabrics such as linen or cotton... in short everything that evokes the earth and Mother Nature.


The Zen style is a decorating trend that is part of the oriental life, but this style is much simpler and easier. Zen seeks harmony. To get it, uses light colors, neutral tones, bamboo items, rustic fabrics, waterfalls ...etc.


The chic style is recognized by the using of vintage furniture, yet up-to-date. It's about offering a classic feel, however rarely worn. It depends primarily on accessories and furniture. Vintage lamps and chandeliers, along with fringes and a romantic touch.

Painted antique furniture, along with existing fabrics and modern furnishings. Draperies, pillows and curtains with flowers.

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